ClearGov named to GovTech 100 list for 2019 — 4th year in a row!

by Jena Skivington

2019 GovTech 100ClearGov is honored to be recognized as a GovTech 100 company for 2019. The annual list compiled and published by Government Technology magazine shines a spotlight on the top businesses committed to making a difference in state and local government agencies.

“We’ve made the prestigious list every year since we first opened our doors in 2015,” said CEO Chris Bullock. “And, we’re proud to be included among the top 100 again in what’s become an increasingly competitive space driven by innovators and trailblazers.”

In a feature article introducing this year’s top 100, Government Technology associate editor Ben Miller notes that 2018 was a remarkably active year in the GovTech market, fueled by mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital investments. Miller writes, “one thing has been made quite clear in the past year — if one asks whether investing in a gov tech company can really be profitable, the answer must now be ‘yes.’”

That comes as no surprise to ClearGov as we not only doubled our client base across 20 states last year but also raised an additional $2.25M through a second seed round of financing back in May. The oversubscribed round attracted both new investors and existing backers who upped their stake in ClearGov.

“We’re currently leveraging this latest infusion of capital to scale our sales and client services teams, bring more new products to market, and further advance our mission to help local governments be more efficient and effective,” said Bullock. To learn more about the 2019 GovTech 100 and the growth trajectory for companies that made the list, check out Ben Miller’s article.

Click here to view the full list of winning GovTech 100 companies for 2019.

Fighting Misinformation with Facts

by Chris Bullock

Why the 2018 word of the year is a call to action for public leaders

Download “The New Realities of Public Leadership”

In case you missed it, lexicographers at recently revealed their word of the year for 2018: misinformation. According to an article announcing the designation, “misinformation” is not just one of the more highly searched terms of 2018, it’s a “call to action.” Coincidentally, it’s also the impetus behind a new ebook designed to help public leaders better educate and engage with their constituents.

So, what exactly is “misinformation” and why should you care? The online dictionary defines it as “false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead.” And last year, the dissemination of false information achieved unprecedented global reach. In an interview with the Associated Press, linguist Jane Solomon explained that, “The rampant spread of misinformation is really providing new challenges for navigating life…”

Those challenges affect us all — citizens and public leaders alike. In a video produced by, a diverse panel of experts and activists weighed in on the word of the year, the implications going forward, and why it’s incumbent upon all of us to fight the propagation of false information, both online and in our daily discourse.

Edward Wasserman, dean of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, summed it up this way,  “Falsity has now increasingly been woven into the fabric of what political discourse looks like, which makes it harder and harder for citizens to sort out what the fact base is on which they base their judgements about policy and about social directions.”

In an age when anybody and everybody has a platform and a story to tell, it’s increasingly difficult to discern fact from fiction, or in the current vernacular, truth from “fake news.” Even news outlets pick up on false information, or at least the sentiment reacting to it.

All of this conspires to erode public trust in institutions and more specifically in government. In fact, public trust in government right now is near an all-time low. In the 60 years since the National Election Study began measuring such things, trust has been on a steady downward trajectory. According to the Pew Research Center, only 18 percent of Americans today say they trust the government to do what is right.

This new reality can be particularly daunting for public leaders — especially local leaders — looking to build consensus and support in their communities. So, how do we rebuild trust, advocate for truth, and combat the toxic spread of misinformation? In a time when perception is reality, public officials — like business owners, entrepreneurs, and even private citizens — need to step up and control their narrative.

You need to tell your story before someone else does. Building an open and transparent online presence is the first step. For public leaders, your 2019 call to action is to become a source of truth in your community by fighting the proliferation of fake news with facts.

Are you ready to kick off the new year by resolving to use data to drive discourse? ClearGov can help.

We recently partnered with Martin O’Malley — two-term mayor of Baltimore and and two-term governor of Maryland — to create a free best practices guide for civic leaders trying to navigate the new realities of governance in this age of misinformation.

Widely recognized for his innovative, data-driven approach to policy and administration, O’Malley has earned a reputation as a pragmatic and effective public leader committed to empowering fellow public servants with the tools and insights they need to better communicate, connect, and engage with their communities. To find out how you can start leveraging the power of the internet and other information technologies to drive transparency and ultimately build public trust and consensus, download The New Realities of Public Leadership now.

ClearGov Makes Top 25 List for Best Companies for Perks & Benefits Through Comparably

by Chris Bullock

ClearGov is honored to be in the top 25 for the Comparably Award for Best Companies for Perks & Benefits! We pride ourselves on fostering a company culture, that promotes a work hard, play hard attitude. 

ClearGov’s story started in 2015 when serial entrepreneur, Chris Bullock, had a simple question – “where do my tax dollars go?” What started as a question, has turned this startup into a million dollar business who prides itself on creating a community of more informed, data-driven and modern government entities.

ClearGov is dedicated to creating an exceptional culture for their employees that promotes the same values as our product lineup – transparent and accountable leadership. Our company was founded upon these six core values; be clear, be trustworthy, be considerate, be positive, be better, and be fun. 

We also make sure to provide benefits for our team that keeps them motivated and excited to be part of this community. Core benefits include competitive pay, medical, dental, vision, 401K, life insurance, and an unlimited vacation policy.

Added perks include access to a free gym, indoor putting green (and putting competitions, of course!), company sponsored happy hours, free parking, monthly events, quarterly team outings, chili cook-offs, salsa making competitions, and even a company-wide day of service.

At ClearGov, we work hard and play hard. Our team members are a vital part of this community that continues to drive this company’s rapid growth.

To learn more about open positions at ClearGov, click here! Or check out our team’s Instagram feed, @cleargov.  

ClearGov Recognized Among New England’s Top Innovators

by Chris Bullock

We are excited to announce that ClearGov has been nominated for the 2018 New England Innovation Awards.  Established in 1986 by the New England Business Association, the Innovation Awards recognize those companies that have transformed their innovative ideas into a product or service that delivers proven value to customers.  The Program has recognized almost 200 companies from a wide variety of companies in fields such as technology, manufacturing, service, non-profit, and retail/distribution.

“ClearGov prides itself on providing innovative solutions that help local government agencies better leverage data to become more effective and efficient,” said Chris Bullock, CEO of ClearGov.  “So, we are especially honored to be chosen for consideration for this prestigious award.”

The New England Business Association has selected 200 local companies for consideration and will be announcing 20 finalists on mid-April.  The 20 Finalists will each have 3 minutes to present to the entire group of judges, our Partners, our Board members, and other invited guests.  The Gala Awards Presentation and Dinner will be held in early May where the winners will be announced at a formal dinner presentation.


ClearGov hits the GovTech 100 list for the third consecutive year

by Jena Skivington

Each year, GovTech Magazine compiles a list of the most innovative and influential companies focused on serving governments. ClearGov is proud to be hitting that list for the third consecutive year, alongside many successful and innovative leaders in the space.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by GovTech again this year,” said Chris Bullock, CEO of ClearGov. “The gov tech industry is evolving and we are honored to be acknowledged alongside these leaders in our space.  We couldn’t be more excited about the year to come and some exciting new announcements for ClearGov, including our recent partnership with former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, who joined our board this month.”

The GovTech100 feature article highlighted the industry’s rapid growth as an established market segment with massive potential for investors and entrepreneurs, especially within software. Companies have changed the way data is used and stored, how quickly tasks are accomplished in the day to day, and how efficiently a government can run its operations. It’s an exciting time in gov tech, and it’s only the beginning. Click here for the full article.

Click here to see the full list of GovTech 100 companies.

ClearGov Ranks 7 on ELGL’s Top 50 Companies Working With Local Governments

by Chris Bullock

ClearGov topped the list at number 7 for the Haverford Choice awards from ELGL’s top 50 companies working with local governments.

The ClearGov Insights™ platform allows local governments to easily communicate their budgets to residents, and compare that information against similar peer communities.

“We are really excited to be in the top 10, alongside some really impressive organizations for the Haverford Choice awards,” says Chris Bullock, founder and CEO of ClearGov. “We love what ELGL has been doing to connect and educate the industry, and feel honored to be a recipient of this award.”

ELGL mentions their criteria for the award on their site: “The ELGL Evaluation Team used three criteria in selecting and ranking the top 50 companies: number of nominations received by each company (50%), comments submitted on each company (25%), and input from ELGL Evaluation Team (25%).”

Check out your local government’s transparency page here:

Ben Berkowitz Joins ClearGov Advisory Board

by Chris Bullock

CEO of SeeClickFix Provides Extensive Expertise in GovTech Industry

Hopkinton, MA (June 6, 2016)  – ClearGov, a leading municipal transparency and benchmarking platform, announced today that Ben Berkowitz, CEO of SeeClickFix has joined its Advisory Board.  In this role, Ben will advise the ClearGov executive leadership team on its go-to-market strategy and product development.

“Ben Berkowitz is a pioneer in modernizing government technology systems.  We see many parallels in SeeClickFix’s business model and, as such, we are confident his experience will help accelerate our rapid growth and our ability to revolutionize government transparency and efficiency,” said Chris Bullock, CEO of ClearGov.

SeeClickFix is a communications platform for citizens to report non-emergency issues and governments to track and manage their response.   SeeClickFix and ClearGov are both focused on providing cloud-based software solutions to local municipalities that positively impacts our daily lives.

“ClearGov is a unique service provider in fields that I care deeply about – government transparency, accountability and efficiency.  The company’s ability to transform confusing government financial data into easy to use information is impressive and is already helping officials identify opportunities to improve operations, which is a mutual goal,” said Ben Berkowitz.  He pointed to ClearGov’s go-to-market strategy and said “it resonated with the approach we took at SeeClickFix to grow a large citizen and government network. That experience will help me advise ClearGov to similar success and I’m confident that local communities and the public will be better for it.”

About ClearGov

ClearGov transforms city and town financial statements into accessible, easy-to-understand infographics to help citizens better understand how their tax dollars are being put to use.  Local governments leverage ClearGov to more clearly communicate their financial performance in an effort to build citizen trust and participation through transparency. ClearGov also provides valuable municipal benchmarking intelligence to help government leaders make more informed and data-driven policy and budgetary decisions while opening the door wider to sharing best practices between municipalities.

ClearGov at TechCrunch Disrupt!

by Chris Bullock

Part of the award for winning TechCrunch Boston was a booth at Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 – the world’s leading authority on debuting startups.  The company was honored to be showcasing amongst the world’s most innovative startups and entrepreneurs.

TechCrunch Disrupt featured an impressive line-up of speakers including Fred Wilson (managing partner of Union Square Ventures), Tim Armstrong (CEO of Aol), Jeremy Stoppelman (CEO of Yelp) and even Jessica Alba (CEO of The Honest Co.).

The event gave tremendous exposure for ClearGov.  Check out our feature in Computer World from the event.

Onwards and upwards!

ClearGov Chosen for Constant Contact’s Startup Accelerator Program

by Chris Bullock

ClearGov On Fast Track to Revolutionize Government Transparency and Efficiency

HOPKINTON, MA – ClearGov, a start-up based in Hopkinton, MA has just been selected into Constant Contact’s Innoloft small business innovation program. Along with four other startups, ClearGov will take residence in the accelerator’s 30,000 square-foot space at the company’s Waltham headquarters from April 1 through July 1, 2016. While based at the Innoloft, ClearGov will have access to mentors, investors and marketing resources as part of the fourth class in this program.

The Small Business Innovation Program is a first-of-its kind “accelerator” program designed to support entrepreneurs as they solve problems for businesses through the development of new products, features and services.

ClearGov has developed a unique and powerful financial transparency and benchmarking platform for municipalities. The company uses an infographic format to transform complex and confusing municipal financial reports into an easy to understand format for public consumption, and creates powerful analytic and benchmarking tools for government officials.

“We make it easier for the public to see how local government spends and performs in comparison to statistical peers, while helping government officials tap into the power of data and content to build support for initiatives and resources,” said Chris Bullock, CEO and Founder.  “We are revolutionizing government transparency and elevating best practices. This is a great opportunity for our team to work with other entrepreneurs and seasoned mentors as we continue to develop our platform,” he continued.

ClearGov was also recently named to GovTech 100 – the top 100 companies focused on innovation in government services. Founded in June of 2015, financials for all Massachusetts, California and New York municipalities are available for public benefit at The data is expanded and upgraded for subscribing municipalities and linked to or embedded within their websites.  


About ClearGov

ClearGov transforms city and town financial statements into easy-to-understand infographics to help citizens better understand how their tax dollars are being put to use.  Local governments leverage ClearGov to more clearly communicate their financial performance in an effort to build citizen trust and participation through transparency.   ClearGov also provides valuable municipal benchmarking intelligence to help government leaders make more informed and data-driven policy and budgetary decisions while opening the door wider to sharing best practices between municipalities.

ClearGov Wins Mass Inno Nights #84!

by Chris Bullock

ClearGov continues its winning streak by taking grand prize at the civic-themed Mass Inno Nights #84.  ClearGov competed against six other startups and was voted audience favorite.  In addition to the ever-lasting glory of victory, the team brought home a number of prizes from Microsoft and other corporate sponsors.

Mass Inno Nights is a monthly event designed to give local entrepreneurs and startups more visibility for their innovative products.

For more info on the event, check out the coverage by the Boston Business Journal and Xconomy.