Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour on ClearGov

ClearGov on Bloomberg Radio

ClearGov founder and CEO Chris Bullock spoke about the origins of the company and its growth as a provider of transparency tools for governments during a segment of The Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour with anchors Tom Moroney and Peter Barnes.

Check out the full segment here (minutes 22-29): The Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour

Bullock explained how his frustration over the lack of clarity in his town’s annual report provided the impetus to create tools that enable local governments and school districts to share where their local revenues come from and how they are spent. In the past two years since Bullock started shedding light on local government finances, ClearGov has translated publicly available data into easy-to-understand infographics for every city and town in the country (more than 36,000 government profiles).

Hundreds of local governments and school districts are now leveraging ClearGov’s platform to share details on vendor payments to residents and to help them analyze how their spending on specific services compares to surrounding communities.

In an era of growing skepticism about government, Bullock said ClearGov offers officials an important opportunity to be totally transparent with residents about tax and spending decisions and to help build community support.